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Writing and Research Resources

By Judy Vorfeld

Strictly Grammar

  1. A Web of Online Grammars

  2. The Basic Cozy Grammar Course

  3. The Blue Book of Grammar & Punctuation: Straus

  4. Common Errors in English: Professor Paul Brians

  5. Content is King: David Mill

  6. Daily Grammar Tip

  7. Grammar Doctor

  8. Grammar Lady

  9. Grammar Slammer

  10. Guide to Grammar & Style: Jack Lynch

  11. Guide to Grammar and Writing: Professor Charles Darling

  12. Karla’s Guide to Citation Style Guides

  13. Shades of Meaning: Terry W. Light

Style & Style Guides

  1. APA Style Resources: Psych Web

  2. APA Style Help

  3. A Brief Citation Guide for Internet Sources in History and the Humanities

  4. Chicago Manual of Style Online

  5. Citation Guides for Electronic Documents: IFLA

  6. Citation Style Guides for Internet and Electronic Sources: University of Alberta

  7. Citing Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism: Documentation Guidelines: Duke University

  8. A Style Guide for EE 333T: University of Texas at Austin

  9. Common Errors in English: Paul Brian

  10. Dangerous Words: Jutta Degener

  11. Email or E-Mail? Kaitlin Duck Sherwood

  12. Elements of Style

  13. Excerpts from
    International Standard ISO 690 – 2: National Library of Canada

  14. International Addresses and Salutations

  15. Guardian Unlimited: UK

  16. Guide to Citing Electronic Information: Askew Library

  17. Guide to Writing a Basic Essay

  18. Harvard Family of Bibliography Styles

  19. The HEASARC Style Guide

  20. International Addresses & Salutations

  21. MLA Style

  22. National Geographic Style Manual

  23. National Library of Medicine Styleguide

  24. Net Lingo Internet Dictionary

  25. New York Public Library Online Style Guide

  26. Researchpaper.com

  27. Spoken and Written Forms of Address for U.S. Government Officials, Military Personnel, Foreign Officials, Nobility, and Religious Officials

  28. Style Guide for Online Hypertext: W3C Tim Berners-Lee

  29. Style Manuals & Guides: University of Memphis Libraries

  30. Best Resource Guides for MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE

  31. Webopedia: online dic­tio­nary for com­puter and Internet technology

  32. Writing for the Web: A Primer for Librarians

  33. Yale Web Style Guide

Periodicals & Blogs

  1. Arts and Letters Daily

  2. Columbia Journalism Review

  3. Communication Expressway

  4. DotJournalism Ezine

  5. It’s All a Matter of Perspective: Mine: Holly Jahangiri

  6. Karen Reddick, The Editor’s Blog

  7. Editors’s Notes: Audrey Owens

  8. New Media Blog

  9. Poynter.org

  10. Bill Stoller’s Free Publicity — The Newsletter for PR-Hungry Businesses

  11. Writers Weekly: Angela Adair-Hoy


  1. Application: How NOT to Impress in the Application Process

  2. 1-language.com — ESL site

  3. 101 Writing Answers: Index of Writing Communities

  4. 11 Rules of Writing: Junket Studies

  5. Advice on Research & Writing: Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

  6. AllWords.com

  7. American Idioms

  8. American Journalism Review

  9. American Society of Journalists & Authors

  10. Aphorisms Galore!

  11. The Authors Registry

  12. CatKlaw Boutique

  13. Center for Anthropology & Science Communications

  14. Children’s Writing Supersite: write4kids.com

  15. Cliche Finder

  16. Cliché Site

  17. De Proverbio: Electronic Publisher of Proverb Studies & Collections

  18. Emory Writing Center<

  19. Freelance Success

  20. The Freelance Writing FAQ: Marcia Yudkin

  21. Gallery of Misused Quotation Marks

  22. HARO — Help A Reporter Out

  23. James S. Huggins

  24. Idioms from Around the World: Definition of Common Terms

  25. Journalism Resources

  26. Knowledge Hound: Tips/Tutorials: Heidi Allen

  27. National Writers Union

  28. The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing: Michael Harvey

  29. Online Writing Lab: Purdue

  30. Phrase Finder

  31. Plagiarism

  32. RoseDog: Working to get Writers Noticed

  33. The Slot: A Spot for Copy Editors — Bill Walsh

  34. Society of Professional Journalists

  35. University of Calgary’s Basic Elements of English

  36. Virtual Learning Resources: Dr. Michael Bell

  37. Wooden Horse Publishing: Meg Weaver

  38. Write 101: Jennifer Stewart

  39. Writers on the Net

  40. Writers’ Resources

  41. Writing Tips

  42. Writing-World: Moira Allen

General Articles

  1. Bulleted Lists: Capitalization and Punctuation

  2. Definitions of Editorial Services

  3. Five Tips for Email Excellence: Diana Booher

  4. Statistics Every Writer Should Know

  5. Tips, Tools & Ideas: ACI/Daniel Berman

  6. What is a Thesis?


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