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Dear Ms. Judy,

I fre­quently write busi­ness let­ters for the CEO of my employer. I’m the author of the let­ters and also the typ­ist. I would like to start des­ig­nat­ing the author and typ­ist with ini­tials. I have seen pro­to­cols for this when the writer and typ­ist of dif­fer­ent, such as LMP/srs. However, I am the author and the typ­ist. Would I sim­ply use my ini­tials once “JJM”.

Thank you,

Jordan Miller

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  1. Hi, Jordan. I’ve searched, but can’t find a pro­to­col for what you would like to do: one set of ini­tials as both the typ­ist and writer of a busi­ness let­ter under some­one else’s name (e.g., jv/jv).

    Part of this has to do with the com­mon respon­si­bil­ity of the writer of a busi­ness let­ter. Somewhere at the bot­tom of the let­ter the writer’s sig­na­ture is given. BUT: the assump­tion is that if the let­ter has a sig­na­ture line and the sig­na­ture is that of the CEO, that per­son is con­sid­ered the writer.

    Ergo (love that word!), it appears that you can’t be con­sid­ered the writer, even if you lit­er­ally cre­ated the let­ter for your CEO’s signature.

    Thank you for forc­ing me to use my brain!

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