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edit small letters

I grew up hard of hear­ing and I dont trust my English. I would like to have my some short corrspon­dence edited. Do you do that type of work and how do you charge for that.

Thanks, Tom

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  1. Hi, Tom. Yes, I do that type of work. Most of my work is, in fact, done by very intel­li­gent peo­ple who have prob­lems with English. It can be that English is not their first lan­guage, but many, many smart peo­ple had prob­lems in school because of var­i­ous dis­abil­i­ties or atten­tion deficits. And other savvy peo­ple are just too busy to write every­thing per­fectly. They count on oth­ers to proof/edit their work.

    My charges dif­fer: some­times by the word, some­times by the hour, and some­times by the project. Whatever is best for my clients. I always see the doc­u­ment before I give a quote.

    Thank you for asking.

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