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Effect or Affect

Never sure when to use “effect” and when to use “affect”  Can you help?


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  1. Basically, Professor Charles Darling says it all: “What effect does this have on you? How does it affect you?” And then Vocabulary.com says: “Think of Edgar Allen Poe and his RAVEN: Remember Affect Verb Effect Noun.”

    Affect is to have an influ­ence on or be respon­si­ble for a change …to bring out emo­tions (touch­ing, mov­ing) … or to relate to a dis­ease such as to attack or infect (Drinking too lit­tle water can affect the kid­neys; too much caf­feine can affect sleep).

    Effect is a result … the power to pro­duce an out­come (their peti­tion had no effect on the issue) … advan­tage (using to great effect) … being oper­a­tive (the new law goes into effect February 1) … some­thing that gives an impres­sion (audio effects) … cre­at­ing an impres­sion (hosted a huge BBQ just for effect) … and some­times it’s used at the end of a sen­tence (…or words to that effect).

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