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Hi Judy,

I am writ­ing a schol­ar­ship essay in which I am explain­ing how the sit­u­a­tion in my home coun­try has affected my finan­cial sit­u­a­tion , and hence why I need the scholarship.I am look­ing for some­one to re-write the essay and some more details to it as I think it is poorly struc­tured although it con­tains most of the facts needed.The essay is about 500 words long. My dead­line is this Friday

I won­der if you can do this job, and what the price is for this service.

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  1. Thanks for ask­ing, but I am com­mit­ted to work­ing on two other projects. I will not have time to help you. You might con­tact Jeannine Clontz at JeannineClontz.com and see if any­one on her team can help. However, since there is very lit­tle time before your dead­line, you might want to be pre­pared to pay a higher rate…

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