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Reference Initials

Is there a limit to the num­ber of con­trib­u­tors whose ini­tials appear at the end of a busi­ness let­ter? Our Board let­ters are writ­ten by the Dept. Head, then given to two other peo­ple before they finally come to me for proof­read­ing and final­iz­ing. Should we have 3 or 4 sets of ini­tials, or only the author and the one who final­izes and pub­lishes the let­ters? Thanks!

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  1. Apparently, ref­er­ence ini­tials are kept quite brief, and refer only to the typ­ist, signer, and writer. Gregg Reference Manual says that when the writer’s name appears in the sig­na­ture block (above the ref­er­ence ini­tials) and some­one else typed the let­ter, just put the typist’s ini­tials in low­er­case, alone. (jhv would be the typ­ist) like this:

    If the writer (wri) wants his/her ini­tials used, they should pre­cede the typist’s.

    If the writer’s name isn’t given in the sig­na­ture block, type that person’s name before the ini­tials of the typ­ist as fol­lows:
    wri/jhv or WRI/JHV

    If the writer’s name isn’t given in the sig­na­ture block, type the writer’s ini­tials and last name before the ini­tials of the typ­ist.

    When the let­ter is writ­ten by some­one other than the signer, you may show this by using the writer’s and typist’s initials.

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    John Doe


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