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Judy I am return­ing to school online line and find writ­ing not to be an easy task for me. What would be the best to way to gain con­fi­dent in com­plet­ing writ­ing assignments?

Thanks, Garrett

  1. Hi, Garrett. I wish I had a work­able answer for you, but there are so many ways to learn/process infor­ma­tion. I hope some edu­ca­tors will chime in.

    The one thing I can say is that atti­tude is a large part of writ­ing, and make sure that you stay aware that pos­si­bil­i­ties for learn­ing are limitless.

    The fact that you wrote means you have a good atti­tude. Let’s see if any­one responds.

  2. Here are some excel­lent com­ments from my friend, Hannah, who is a very savvy student:

    “I have a few things that have been use­ful for me through­out my col­lege classes. One thing to do is to have some­one read your writ­ing assign­ment after com­plet­ing your rough draft and get feed­back from them. Also, read your paper aloud to your­self; this helps you make sure that the sen­tences flow together and make sense. Make sure to give your­self enough time to rewrite the paper. It’s some­times help­ful to write out your thoughts about what­ever the prompt is and then go back and orga­nize it and add to it. And a tool that I have found to be use­ful is paperrater.com. They allow you to copy and paste your assign­ment for free on their site and they will “grade” it based on sen­tence struc­ture, vocab­u­lary and even check for plagiarism.”

  3. Another friend, Becky, who is a writer, says, “What is dif­fi­cult for him? orga­niz­ing his thoughts? Flow? Outline? What are the things about writ­ing that are easy, if any? When you break it down it’s not as hard to find a solution!!”

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