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Commas-Periods: Inside or Outside Quotation Marks?

By Judy Vorfeld The Chicago Manual of Style, six­teenth edi­tion (6.9), says, “Periods and com­mas pre­cede clos­ing quo­ta­tion marks, whether dou­ble or sin­gle.” Examples: She said, “I’ll be there soon.” … “When you are fin­ished,” he said, “we’ll leave.” CMS also states that there are sev­eral exceptions […]

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Put Your Online Text to Work!

By Judy Vorfeld Do you strug­gle through a maze of Internet words, acronyms, and phrases, won­der­ing if you’ll ever learn enough to suc­cess­fully oper­ate your online busi­ness? Is your brain buzzing with thoughts of asso­ciate pro­grams, e-commerce, con­flict­ing sta­tis­tics, just-in-time trans­ac­tions, B2B, B2C, B2Whatever, and brand­ing? A marketing […]

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When is a Principal a Principle? Or is it? By Judy Vorfeld Need help dis­cov­er­ing the dif­fer­ences between these two words? They cause a lot of con­fu­sion! Principal means first in author­ity; main par­tic­i­pant, or amount of a debt minus the inter­est. It can be a noun or an adjec­tive. Examples: He is […]

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Polished Presentations

By Judy Vorfeld Do you spend money on a prod­uct if the pre­sen­ta­tion looks unpro­fes­sional? Case in point: As my hus­band and I approached a small fam­ily restau­rant, I spot­ted two hand-scrawled signs in the win­dow: Help Wanted. Cook Wanted. Warning sig­nals went off, but hunger pre­vailed. Once inside, we discovered […]

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Organizational Names: Singular or Plural?

By Judy Vorfeld Have you ever won­dered whether to say, “The cor­po­ra­tion had their records audited” or “The cor­po­ra­tion had its records audited”? Now comes the real issue: is a cor­po­ra­tion a sin­gle entity or a group of peo­ple in terms of writ­ing and speak­ing? This is a subject-verb agree­ment issue. […]

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