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Maybe-May be

By Judy Vorfeld Maybe you’ve won­dered about how to use the word “maybe.” It’s not some­thing that gets a lot of atten­tion from the gram­mar police, but it’s still good to know how to write it prop­erly. Okay. “Maybe,” the com­pound word, is an adverb mean­ing “per­haps” or […]

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Me, Myself, and I

The Confusing World of Reflexive Pronouns By Judy Vorfeld Have you ever won­dered if you should say, “Jason and myself…” or “Myself and Jason…” or “Jason and I…” or “Me and Jason…” or “Jason and me…? Wonder no more. We have the answers. “Myself” is a reflex­ive pronoun, […]

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By Judy Vorfeld Have you ever seen peo­ple get into a heated argu­ment over the right use of the words “lay” and “lie”? It hap­pens. LAY is a verb mean­ing “to put” or “to place,” and needs an object to com­plete its mean­ing. (Lay, laid, lay­ing.) Examples She lay […]

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Is it its’, it’s, or its?

By Judy Vorfeld Have you ever been con­fused about when to use an apos­tro­phe with pos­ses­sives? And where the apos­tro­phe goes? Unfortunately, not all pos­ses­sives use apos­tro­phes. This includes the per­sonal pro­nouns “its,” “theirs,” and “yours.” Since they are the most fre­quently mis­un­der­stood, let’s tackle them. The wonderful […]

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By Judy Vorfeld IMPLY Imply means that some­one wants to make some­thing under­stood with­out express­ing it directly. It is safe to say that this tech­nique is used often by politi­cians. Synonyms: hint, sug­gest, insin­u­ate, point toward. INFER Infer means that the hearer per­ceives or con­cludes some­thing (today […]

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