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Due to or Because of

By Judy Vorfeld It’s easy to mix up usage of “due to” and “because of.” Here are some tips to help you remem­ber which is which. “DUE TO” mod­i­fies nouns, but intro­duces adjec­tive phrases: “Her fail­ure was due to poor study habits.” Explanation: “due to poor study habits” […]

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By Judy Vorfeld Affect or Effect? What’s the Difference? If you’re con­fused about when to use “affect” and “effect,” you have com­pany! AFFECT means to change, touch, impress or influ­ence some­thing. It means to act upon some­thing. If some­one dis­tracts me when I’m typ­ing, it affects my […]

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Using Articles with Abbreviations

By Judy Vorfeld Have you ever been con­fused about which arti­cle (a, an, the) to use in front of an abbre­vi­a­tion? First, let’s define abbre­vi­a­tion: An abbre­vi­a­tion is a short­ened form of a writ­ten word or phrase used in place of the whole word. Some author­i­ties con­sider acronyms and […]

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By Judy Vorfeld ADVERSE The adjec­tive “adverse” turns up most often in the phrase “adverse cir­cum­stances.” This means dif­fi­cult or unfa­vor­able cir­cum­stances, cir­cum­stances that act as an adver­sary (enemy). It’s also used to mean “harm­ful,” “hos­tile,” and “opposed to.” Examples: This med­ica­tion could result in adverse side […]

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By Judy Vorfeld How Adjectives Work with Nouns and Pronouns ADJECTIVE: a word or phrase that describes what kind, how many, or which one. Adjectives can con­sist of a sin­gle word, a phrase, or a clause. Adjectives mod­ify (or explain) the mean­ing of nouns (see below) and pro­nouns (see below). NOUN: name […]

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