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Oppress or Repress?

Judy Vorfeld Oppress means to persecute/tyrannize/bully. A nation could be oppressed by its lead­ers, a com­mu­nity could be oppressed by a pow­er­ful seg­ment intent on con­trol, and a child could be oppressed by bul­lies. Further, peo­ple can feel oppressed (worried/depressed) by many things, such as a strange atmos­phere or strange sur­round­ings. Repress […]

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Repellent or Repulsive?

Judy Vorfeld “Repellent” and “Repulsive” both speak to dri­ving oth­ers away, but REPULSIVE is more REPULSIVE than REPELLENT is REPELLENT. Repellent is more about dis­taste. Repulsive is more about dis­gust­ing. In good writ­ing, there are dis­tinct differences.

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