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Articles and Tips

A or An before “Historic”?
Abbreviations, Acronyms, & Initialisms
Abbreviating Months and Days of the Week
Adverse or Averse?
Articles: How to Use Them with Abbreviations
Affect or Effect?
All About Alliteration
A Lot or Alot or Allot?
Attributive Nouns Punctuation
Among vs. Between
Awhile or A While
Book Titles on the Web: What’s the Style?
Bulleted Lists: Capitalization and Punctuation
Business Letter Formatting
Capitalization in Titles and Headings
Compass Point Capitalization
Commonly Misspelled Words in Phrases
Continuous vs. Continual
Dashes: How to use them in text
Desktop Publishing That Works (pdf file)
Different Than or Different From?
Dissemble vs Disassemble
Due to or Because Of?
Eek vs Eke
Et al. Punctuation
Ending Sentences with Prepositions
Exclamation Marks
Figures of Speech
Free Reign or Free Rein?
Many Facets of Fonts
Figures of Speech
Former vs. Latter
Have vs. Ought
Help For New Editors & Writers NEW!
Homonym Heaven
How to Win the Grammar Game
How to Start an Editing or Writing Business NEW!
Insure, Ensure, or Assure?
Imply vs. Infer
Is it its’, it’s, or its?
Is the Internet Changing Everything?
Lay vs Lie
Less vs Than
Like as Slang
Me, Myself, and I: Confusing Reflexive Pronouns
Maybe or May Be?
Organizational Names: Singular or Plural?
People who or People that?
Polished Presentations
Possessives: Attributive Nouns
Principle vs. Principal
Put Your Online Text To Work!
Quotation Marks with End Punctuation
Quotation Marks for Common Expressions & Figures of Speech
Redundant Words & Phrases
Business Salutations
Six Confusing Words Beginning with “C“
Suspended Hyphens
Subject/Verb Agreement for Corporation & Organization Names
Titles in Articles and Correspondence
Titles and Headings: Capitalization
Underlining, Bolding, & Italicizing
Viola, Viola, or Voila?
When it’s Okay to Break Grammar & Design Rules
Who’s the King? Content or Copy?
Words that Often Obfuscate
Your Fault or You’re Fault?