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Desktop Publishing That Works

By Judy Vorfeld

Why do you want to get involved in Desktop Publishing (DTP)? Perhaps you’re already involved, but have a feel­ing that you could do bet­ter and don’t know where to begin. Oh, please start here. I won’t be cruel, but I will offer some ideas of What Not to Do When Creating Flyers, Newsletters, etc.

Do you need to be a graphic artist in order to make great fly­ers and sim­i­lar doc­u­ments? No. The most impor­tant fac­tor is moti­va­tion. People cre­at­ing DTP spend a great deal of time study­ing good design, and then arrang­ing the nec­es­sary ele­ments in a way that best trans­mits the mes­sage. I’ll pro­vide ref­er­ences through­out this pre­sen­ta­tion for your use later. For now, we’re lightly touch­ing the tip of the iceberg.

Click on the fol­low­ing link to find tips to help you improve your documents…

Desktop Publishing That Works


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