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Special Types of Editing & Picky Proofing.

  • Do you need spe­cial­ized edit­ing or proof­ing services?
  • Do your doc­u­ments need bet­ter lay­out or formatting?
  • What about your email communications?
  • Problems with English as a Second Language (ESL)?

I’m Judy Vorfeld. I offer edit­ing and proof­ing for grad stu­dents, sci­en­tists, star­tups, busi­ness pro­fes­sion­als, and other pro­fes­sion­als. If your work has spe­cial needs, but you want solid pre­sen­ta­tion with a fresh touch, let me help.

“Why should I hire you, Judy, when I can use Grammarly for free?”

You shouldn’t hire me. If you have tra­di­tional doc­u­ments that need work, go to Grammarly. It’s help­ing thou­sands of peo­ple meet their writ­ing goals. And it’s free. Some of my clients went with Grammarly when it was launched, and I’m happy for them: I know how many peo­ple are on lim­ited bud­gets and strug­gle to get writ­ing edited.

But some writ­ers have spe­cial needs.

  • Some come from nations through­out the world, and they have com­plex doc­u­ments that need detailed proof­ing of, for exam­ple, sci­en­tific papers. Or there are star­tups that need help for a lim­ited amount of time.
  • Some are col­lege stu­dents hold­ing down a full-time job, and their unique papers need an edi­tor who can research on the go.
    • If bib­li­cal in nature, some­times the edi­tor needs to check to ensure every scrip­ture is cor­rect … and often to ensure that the right ver­sion is used. I do picky proofing.
  • Sometimes, espe­cially on PowerPoint pre­sen­ta­tions, a client will leave out some­thing crit­i­cal to the presentation.
    • I can also ensure all graph­ics and text are within the mar­gins set by my client.
  • Some are fresh from another coun­try, and are in a startup mode. They need var­i­ous types of sup­port as they tran­si­tion into using their own employ­ees for writ­ing and editing.

Editing and Writing for You