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Redundant words and phrases

Judy Vorfeld

Use redun­dant phrases spar­ingly (or omit) in busi­ness cor­re­spon­dence, arti­cles, head­lines, and other writ­ten doc­u­ments. Here are a few that peo­ple use regularly:

* Absolutely essen­tial (essen­tial)
* Added bonus (bonus)
* Both of them (both)
* End result (result)
* Exact same (exact or same)
* Fewer in num­ber (fewer)
* Final out­come (out­come)
* Free give-away or gift (give-away or gift)
* Past his­tory (his­tory will do, most of the time)
* Point in time (point or time: not both)
* There is no doubt that (How about “clearly”?)

That said, there will be times in other areas of life, and in writ­ing, when you want one of those phrases. Go for it!


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