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Social Networking

Social media pro­vides meth­ods for social inter­ac­tion, turn­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tion into some­thing you can use to inter­act with oth­ers across the Internet. Unlike news­pa­pers, TV, and movies, social media can be almost imme­di­ate, and fairly cost free. That’s a sim­pli­fi­ca­tion, but there’s a deeper expla­na­tion here.

Social net­work­ing can be an impor­tant part of your busi­ness. So social media gives us the appli­ca­tions and meth­ods to do social net­work­ing. Lots of good stuff out there, but while some­thing may work for your best friend, it may not be what you need to present your­self and your busi­ness. I can help with sim­ple stuff, but if you want to do com­plex social net­work­ing, let me con­nect you to some peo­ple who stay up to date. Minute by minute.