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Capitalizing parts of the world

Judy Vorfeld When writ­ing, you may have won­dered about cap­i­tal­iz­ing cer­tain con­ti­nents, coun­tries, cities, oceans, etc. Capitalize enti­ties, says Chicago Manual of Style (8.44), that appear on maps. Also cap­i­tal­ize the adjec­tives and nouns derived from them. Examples: (Asia/Asian; California/Californian; Ireland/Irish)

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Compass Point Capitalization

By Judy Vorfeld Have you ever won­dered when it’s okay to cap­i­tal­ize north, east, south, and west? Most style guides say that com­pass points and the terms derived from them are low­er­cased if they just mean direc­tion or loca­tion. But you cap­i­tal­ize them when they’re spe­cific regions or […]

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