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By Judy Vorfeld Have you ever writ­ten, “We will do every­thing in our power to insure that your ship­ment arrives before Friday”? Was this cor­rect? It’s not incor­rect, but there’s a bet­ter way to use it. There are three words that con­fuse peo­ple: insure, ensure, and assure. INSURE means […]

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By Judy Vorfeld When do I use “have” and when do I use “ought”? Let’s start with “ought.” * Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary says: “– used to express oblig­a­tion , advis­abil­ity , nat­ural expec­ta­tion , or log­i­cal con­se­quence .” Ought expresses oblig­a­tion, advis­abil­ity (giv­ing advice), expec­ta­tion, or con­se­quence. It’s a word […]

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