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Quotations in American English-British English

Judy Vorfeld In American English, we end a quo­ta­tion with punc­tu­a­tion INSIDE the quo­ta­tion marks. “Like this.” And we use dou­ble quo­ta­tion marks. And if you use quo­ta­tion marks in the mid­dle of a sen­tence around a word or phrase, always use dou­ble quo­ta­tion marks. In British English, quo­ta­tion marks are […]

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Commas-Periods: Inside or Outside Quotation Marks?

By Judy Vorfeld The Chicago Manual of Style, six­teenth edi­tion (6.9), says, “Periods and com­mas pre­cede clos­ing quo­ta­tion marks, whether dou­ble or sin­gle.” Examples: She said, “I’ll be there soon.” … “When you are fin­ished,” he said, “we’ll leave.” CMS also states that there are sev­eral exceptions […]

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