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Write Powerfully: Avoid Useless Words and Phrases

WORDS CAN WEAKEN SENTENCES AND THOUGHTS Judy Vorfeld Do you pub­lish a newslet­ter, have a web­site, or write arti­cles or reviews or a blog? If so, you’re already doing your best to pub­lish well. But if you aren’t cer­tain that you’re suc­ceed­ing, here are a few ideas that might help. Try to […]

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Redundant Words and Phrases

Write Powerfully: Avoid Useless Words and Phrases By Judy Vorfeld “Reckless writ­ers and slip­shod speak­ers use many words where few would do,“says Owl Editing. “Yet for all the words, their expres­sion is but impov­er­ished; more words do not nec­es­sar­ily sig­nify more mean­ing.” Do you pub­lish a newslet­ter, have […]

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