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Figures of Speech: Using Quotation Marks

By Judy Vorfeld When should we use quo­ta­tion marks for fairly com­mon expres­sions and fig­ures of speech, includ­ing slang? (A fig­ure of speech is a word or phrase such as a metaphor, sim­ile, hyper­bole , or per­son­i­fi­ca­tion, accord­ing to Wikipedia.) Quotation marks are rarely needed for com­mon expres­sions, says […]

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How to Win the Grammar Game

As orig­i­nally pub­lished in VirtualPROMOTE Gazette http://jimworld.com By Judy Vorfeld Are you one of the many bright peo­ple who speaks well but has trou­ble with the mechan­ics of writ­ing: fol­low­ing those con­fus­ing rules con­cern­ing spelling, punc­tu­at­ing, cap­i­tal­iz­ing, etc.? Is a rel­a­tive, co-worker or edi­tor con­stantly whip­ping out a dictionary, […]

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