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Compass Point Capitalization

By Judy Vorfeld Have you ever won­dered when it’s okay to cap­i­tal­ize north, east, south, and west? Most style guides say that com­pass points and the terms derived from them are low­er­cased if they just mean direc­tion or loca­tion. But you cap­i­tal­ize them when they’re spe­cific regions or […]

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Desktop Publishing That Works

By Judy Vorfeld Why do you want to get involved in Desktop Publishing (DTP)? Perhaps you’re already involved, but have a feel­ing that you could do bet­ter and don’t know where to begin. Oh, please start here. I won’t be cruel, but I will offer some ideas of What Not […]

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Bring vs Take

By Judy Vorfeld While there are many mean­ings for both “bring” and “take, many peo­ple are divided over usage like “Please take it with you” vs. “Please bring it with you.” The Gregg Reference Manual, Ninth Edition, says: “Bring” indi­cates motion toward the speaker. “Take” indi­cates motion away […]

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Homonym Heaven

The Internet: Homonym Heaven! By Judy Vorfeld Have you ever vis­ited a visu­ally attrac­tive site and then spot­ted phrases such as, “If your inter­ested in learn­ing more about our Websight, e-mail us,” or “This prod­uct comes with an uncon­di­tional guar­an­tee. It’s high qual­ity will make you’re life better!”? […]

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Your Fault or You’re Fault?

By Judy Vorfeld Your and you’re are two of the most com­monly mis­un­der­stood words in the Wide Wide World. “Your” is the pos­ses­sive form of the word “you.” It’s used as a mod­i­fier before a noun, e.g., “Thanks for your let­ter.” “Your” means some­one owns or has some­thing: your car, […]

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