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Common Grammatical Mistakes

You’re bright. You speak well. But when it comes to writ­ing, it’s dif­fer­ent. All those con­fus­ing rules con­cern­ing spelling, punc­tu­at­ing, cap­i­tal­iz­ing, etc. give you headaches. And to com­pound mat­ters, some­times your brain says to spell a word one way but you type it dif­fer­ently. Does any­one really care? […]

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By Judy Vorfeld What are the Differences Between Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Initialisms? Have you ever been con­fused about the dif­fer­ences between abbre­vi­a­tions, acronyms, and Initialisms? You’re not alone! An ABBREVIATION is a short­ened form of a writ­ten word or phrase used in place of the whole word. Some author­i­ties consider […]

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Book Titles on the Web

By Judy Vorfeld What’s the proper way to dis­play the title of a book on a Web page? The tra­di­tional method of under­lin­ing makes it con­fus­ing for Web users, who expect an under­lined word or phrase to be a hyper­link. Should the title be bolded? Italicized? What about quo­ta­tion marks? A […]

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Grammar Questions for Judy

By Judy Vorfeld Are you a gram­mar expert? The word “expert” makes me ner­vous. Pedestals can be very unsta­ble. I know where to find most answers to gram­mar and style prob­lems and I love — and have a nat­ural affin­ity for — lan­guage. I’m skilled at edit­ing every­day American English from a num­ber of per­spec­tives because […]

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Grammar Basics

By Judy Vorfeld Adjectives are mod­i­fiers. They describe nouns and spec­ify size, color, num­ber, etc., e.g., The small “x” in the upper cor­ner of the win­dow is used to exit your file. Adverbs describe verbs, adjec­tives & other adverbs, e.g., The exhausted sec­re­tary screamed loudly as her monitor […]

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