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Childish or Childlike?

Judy Vorfeld CHILDISH some­times sug­gests immaturity/unreasonableness. But it could also refer to the tone of voice or con­ver­sa­tion or activ­i­ties.   CHILDLIKE sug­gests innocence/mildness/freshness, like hav­ing child­like trust in someone.

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Book Review: My Life Without Me by Jaclyn Aurore

Judy Vorfeld Savvy. Gutsy. Surreal. Fun. As I began read­ing Jaclyn Aurore’s book, My Life Without Me, a few ques­tions popped into my mind. Was this SciFi? Was Callum a real per­son or an appari­tion? Could Jamie really func­tion in a uni­ver­sity set­ting with such severe mem­ory loss? Once I got involved in […]

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Ongoing is one word

Judy Vorfeld As a reader and an edi­tor, I notice that peo­ple tend to say “on-going,” rather than “ongo­ing.” At one time, “ongo­ing” was “on-going,” but today it is “ongo­ing.” No hyphen needed.

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Thinking of writ­ing an ebook?

Judy Vorfeld Discover the magic of for­mat­ting with Microsoft Word styles Plus writ­ing, gram­mar, and Word tips   Disclaimer: I have no finan­cial arrange­ment with Pubslush.com. Rather I have a pas­sion to help writ­ers cre­ate the finest books pos­si­ble, and Pubslush is pro­vid­ing me a plat­form in its blog to let me […]

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Afflict or Inflict?

Judy Vorfeld AFFLICT Sufferers are afflicted with/by disease/troubles. It means to bring great harm or suf­fer­ing to some­one, includ­ing many invis­i­ble afflic­tions such as migraine headaches, grief, depres­sion, insom­nia, and painful mem­o­ries. People are also afflicted with con­di­tions such as arthri­tis, blind­ness, measles, and can­cer. Generally, we […]

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